The picture above is of a fully registered pedigree kitten.  The kitten is happy, healthy, content and has been raised with love and devotion.

Can this be said of "bargain" kittens?  People often wonder at the price variation of kittens, some being as low as 150-200.  The question is asked why some people can sell their kittens so cheaply.  The answer is that very often things are not done properly. Bad practice is seen at the very outset of the breeding.  Often cats are purchased as pets and then bred from.  This is not the way a good breeder would do things.  Ragdolls that are intended as future breeding cats should be selected very carefully.  Only the best should go forward as breeding cats to carry the breed into the future.  Cats that are sold as pet kittens were never intended to be breeding cats and there is a very big price difference between a pet kitten (400) and a potential breeding cat (800+).  A breeding cat is put on the active register whereas a pet kitten is not.  This means that kittens from a "pet" cat can never be registered.  Their offspring can never be verified as being true Ragdolls so what you are paying for is not a pedigree kitten and you are being asked to pay a high price for what is a moggie.

Another aspect is the age kittens are allowed to go to their new home.  Kittens from breeders who are trying their best to do everything in the best interests of the kitten usually let their kittens leave home at 13-14 weeks or sometimes even older.  A kitten would never be allowed to leave at 8 weeks.  This is far too young.  The kitten has not been properly socialised at 8 weeks.  This takes time.  Kittens are also allowed to leave with no vaccinations or maybe the first one.  Fully registered and well reared kittens leave home having had a complete course of vaccination.  At 8 weeks a kitten's immunity has dropped considerably.  That kitten is at risk of picking up a potentially life threatening disease.  A full course of vaccination costs between 60-70 so be aware that you need to add this to the cost of a "bargain" kitten.  If vaccinations have been skimped on you need to ask yourself what else has not been done properly.  Has the worming been carried out?  Kittens have bugs in the gut which worming sorts out.  If the worming has not been done and the bugs take hold, the kitten could suffer from severe and debilitating diarrhoea, which could potentially cost a lot of money and heartache to rectify.  Lets face facts, these people are in it to make money and as quickly as possible.  All sales will be final and you could be the one left picking up the pieces.

These are just a couple of matters that thought needs to be given to before you commit to getting that so called "bargain" kitten.
  There are many other areas of concern and it is often a case of "buyer beware."  As you will now understand, Finearte does not and never
will have the sort of "bargain" kittens described above.

We offer a lifetime of support to you and your kitten.

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