Oscar and Sophia living the high life with 

June and Rob.  Lilac colourpoint and seal


11 & 12/06/2016

Attended The Viking Cat Club 2 day show at Alcester.  What a really great weekend.  Lovely to meet up with so many people including Shirley and Lorraine.  Took Finearte Limited Edition (Bear) who made it to champion.  So proud of my lovely boy.  Bear was nominated on Sunday and was pipped at the post by Shirley's lovely bicolour boy.


Attended the Felis Britannica AGA held at Milton Keynes.  I attended as the position I had served in on Breeding, Health and Welfare was at the end of its term and I had applied to serve again.  I was delighted to be voted back into the position with a unanimous vote.  It was a wonderful day.  I decided to drive home via Gloucestershire where I had previously lived and the drive home in the sunshine with the beautiful scenery was the perfect end to a wonderful day.



I am delighted that I have been accepted onto the Breeding, Health and Welfare Commission for Felis Britannica as Deputy Chair and Clearance Officer.  Breeding, health and welfare are matters that are very close to my heart.


Attended the FIFe cat show held at Wolverhampton.  I met up with my good friend Shirley from Leirum Ragdolls.  I took two young females one a blue bicolour and one a chocolate mitted.  Had a great show with lovely comments made by the judges both of whom commented on their show preperation which was marked as excellent.  Both of the cats got their first CAC.  Looking forward to attending more shows and getting both of these lovely girls made up to champion. 


This is my new future breeding queen Sophia.  Sophia is a very special girl in that she

is a solid Ragdoll and one of only a few Solids in the UK.


Majic was 3 years old on 29th March.  Below are two pictures of him taken today.  Ragdolls can take 3 years or more to reach their full potential.  Majic is now at this stage.  His coat has matured and he is just the most lovely boy.   Majic is a Tica Double Grand Champion and a FIFe Champion.

Majic enjoying the sunshine


Just finished reading a lovely book, and a real must read for all cat lovers, called A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen.    I would really recommend this book.  It is both heart-warming and inspirational.  I will never pass by a Big Issue seller again without stopping to buy one.

I will be going to London next month for a long weekend and will travel round the places that James and Bob work in the hope of seeing them both.

12/13 January 2013

Had a wonderful weekend with Shirley my good friend from Leirum Ragdolls.  What was supposed to be a weekend of plans for our Ragdolls turned into a weekend of shopping, eating and to end it all we had a bit of a party with some of my friends and family.  Below is a picture of Shirley after Toby had taken a lot of time and trouble to restyle her hair!  Toby loved Shirley and I think loved her long hair even more.



We are busy at the moment making plans for showing next year.  


Had a lovely day today with two lots of good news coming through.  Firstly from Tica, Magic's Award of Excellence, very nice to have his certificate.

Then I heard that he had qualified for the FIFe Winner's Show.  He had a wonderful show on 15/09/2012 gaining his third CAC and becoming a champion.  He was nominated at the show and was up against some lovely cats and very stiff opposition.  He certainly had to work for his nomination.

What a wonderful end to November 2012.

I am so proud of Majic.


We have a new designed website and we hope you like it.


I was sorting out pictures and came across this one of my house taken on 26/11/2010.  2 years on and thankfully no sign of snow  November 2012.

15 & 16/09/2012:

The weekend has been amazing.  Saturday I attended a show at Alcester and Sunday I collected my cockatoo Toby.  Toby's page will be updated later in the week.  I took Majic and his daughter to the show.  When I told my son about the weekend he said "Majic strikes again."  We had a wonderful day.  Majic gained his third CAC making him a FIFe champion.  He was also nominated.  His daughter is only a kitten and gained Excellent 1.  I was delighted with her result but more important was that she was not stressed at the show.  She behaved very nicely for her judge and took it all in her stride.  She must be following in Majic's footsteps. 

Below is a picture I took of one of the FIFe banners on display in the show hall.  I was lost for words when I realised that Majic was featured on it twice.  The very big picture at the top of a face in close up is Majic and the picture at the very bottom of the poster with his leg held off the ground is also Majic.  I have got to say that was the icing on the cake!  Majic strikes again indeed. 

Many thanks to Robert Fox who took the photos.

The banner on display in the show hall.

Majic doing what he does best after wowing the judges, relaxing.


Went to the Parrot Society show at the Staffordshire County Showground. 
Had a really great day, so interesting. 
Needed to get things organised ready for my
new baby who will be arriving in September.
  He is a citron crested cockatoo.  He is being hand reared at the moment. 
Just received this picture of him from his breeder. 
His pin feathers are coming through as is his citron crest.
  Its quite amazing to think that this little chick will grow into such a beautiful bird. 
I have wanted a cockatoo for many years but up
until recently the time has not been right. 
It has been a long search to find a citron as they are so rare
and September can't come quickly enough.

Sunday 4/12/2011.

Attended a seminar held at Langford Veterinary Services
which is a diagnostic laboratory and animal hospital.
It was an all day seminar held mainly for cat breeders. 
Various  topics were discussed ranging from diseases to genetics. 
It was extremely interesting and we were given the chance
 after each talk to put questions to the speaker. 
There is so much to learn about cats and to be given the chance
to find out about up-to-date testing and the
advances being made was a rare opportunity. 
It was lovely to meet up with old friends and a chance to
talk to like minded people about our passion - cats.

 Langford's are to be congratulated on such a well run day. 
The day was sponsored by Royal Canin and the speakers gave
their time free of charge, which shows what dedicated people they are.

It was with very great sadness that I was informed yesterday
(09/11/2011) of the death of Patricia Brownsell of Patricia Ragdolls.

Pat was a very special lady in the Ragdoll world
and very special to me at Finearte Ragdolls. 
I will remember with great affection the many long and interesting
conversations we had and her wonderful advice regarding the chocolate and
lilac breeding programme I have with my good friend Shirley from Leirum Ragdolls.
 I have a wonderful chocolate Ragdoll from Pat, Patriarca Bourneville,
and through Bourneville Pat will live on in my heart. 

Above is a picture of my long awaited lilac tortie bred
by my good friend Shirley of Leirum Ragdolls. 
She is such a pretty girl with subtle tortie markings.

Majic has now been out of quarantine for a few weeks and I can't believe
how well he has adapted to his new home.
  He is the most amazing boy with a wonderful nature. 
He has the very typical laid back Ragdoll  nature. 
Because he is so laid back I am planning on showing him later in the year. 


The big day has finally arrived. 
I am so delighted to welcome Majic to my home after what
seems to have been a very long six months of quarantine.

Majic is a big, beautiful and perfectly marked lilac mitted Ragdoll. 
He will be my new stud boy and very special not only to me personally but for
Finearte as a breeding cattery and my chocolate and lilac breeding programme.

Majic spent his 6 months quarantine in the UK at a Defra
recognised quarantine cattery that I cannot praise highly enough
for their care and devotion to him and I am sure to all the cats in their care.
The owners of the cattery are cat breeders themselves
and have many years of experience to fall back on. 
Majic was thoroughly spoilt whilst in their care and was loved by
them for his amazing personality and his very laid back attitude. 

The best place for a kitten to do his quarantine is of course with its breeder
but if for any reason this cannot happen (and it is not always possible especially
if the cat is a future stud) then I would say, in my opinion,
the best and safest thing a person can do for themselves
and the kitten is to find a quarantine cattery within the UK.
These catteries are run under strict Defra guidelines and you will know that your
precious kitten will be well cared for, kept separately
from other cats and in appropriate conditions for its overall welfare.

Majic has thrived in the cattery.
  It has been a real bonus for me to be able to visit him
on a regular basis and for him to get to know me. 

I now look forward to the future and watching this amazing boy grow and develop. 
I am so grateful to his breeder, Marta, for allowing Majic to come to the UK. 
It certainly was not an easy decision for her to make. 
As I said Majic is an amazing boy with personality plus good looks. 
Marta has done a wonderful job, she is a dedicated
and caring breeder and I know she will be looking forward
to seeing how Majic develops and what his future kittens will be like.
Click on Marta's banner to go to her site.

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