Ann Baker is the lady who is the originator of the Ragdoll cat and was a lady who was involved in breeding programmes involving several other breeds. Ann lived in Riverside, California. The foundation cat for Ann's Ragdoll breeding programme was Josephine. Josephine is described as a white cat of angora type but of unknown ancestry. Ann also used an equally famous cat that she called Daddy Warbucks. Daddy Warbucks is described as Birman type. Like Josephine his ancestry is also unknown. All Ragdolls were originally seal so how were the colours of blue and lilac achieved? Ann famously kept information very much to herself but she was also involved in a breeding programme of lilac Applehead Balinese (Applehead Balinese are Traditional Balinese and do not resemble the Balinese that we know today). In a letter to her friend Ann stated her intention of using the lilac Applehead Balinese to bring in lilac. Many years later a well-regulated outcross programme was started in Australia using Traditional Balinese. The Ragdolls in Australia had health issues and the colours of chocolate and lilac were very poor. This outcross programme was started not only to improve the chocolate and lilac colours but also to bring back health and vigour. The Traditional Balinese was a good choice. It is a breed that shares many of the qualities of the Ragdoll and is known to have few health issues. It is also going back to the roots of the Ragdoll if we assume that Ann used her lilac Appleheads. This outcross programme was so successful that descendants can be found throughout the world and have achieved not only breeding success but also success on the show bench and have achieved recognition within the largest Registration Organisations in the world. 



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