Attended the FIFe show at Wolverhampton.






Attended the Tica Halloween show in Newbury.   Excellent atmosphere at the show with lots of people taking the trouble to be in Halloween fancy dress. I had a wonderful day and was very pleased to meet people that I hadn't met before but who I knew of.  The day for me was filled with conversation and laughter, which is great way to spend the day.  Hopefully we will all be meeting up in the not too distant future. 

I took a youngster who was in the adult class.  She did very well and earned enough points for her champion title.  This is only the second show she has attended and I was very pleased that she took the show in her stride.  It was a very busy day with six rings for her to cope with.

I did not take Majic out this time but as ever, even though he wasn't there, made his presence felt!  He was very much in evidence and certainly no getting away from him.  His face was at the end of every aisle.  Below is a picture taken of the poster and my handsome boy.  Way to go Majic!


Attended the Viking Cat Club show at Alcester with Majic and his daughter Minuete.  Majic had his third CAC and will now be made up to FIFe Champion as well as being a TICA Double Grand Champion.  Well done to Majic who enjoyed the day.

Took Majic's daughter out to the same show for the first time.  She is only a kitten so cannot gain a title yet but it is good to take them out young so they can get used to attending shows.  I was very pleased with her, she gained Excellent 1 which is a very promising start to her show career. Below is the link to the show results.



I have received today from TICA notification that
Hylanda Majic Faelis is TICA's Best Lilac Point/Mitted Ragdoll of the Year for 2012.

This has made Marta (his breeder) and myself so proud, well actually
I am proud to bursting and on cloud nine.
  Along with this achievement comes an invitation to the Annual Awards Ceremony. 
He is eligible to be entered into the TICA year book along with his picture. 
He will be listed as well into the colour yearbook for best lilac Ragdoll.

Show preparation is so important and Majic looks wonderful
when he has been prepared for a show.


The Tica regional results are out and I am thrilled that
Majic has come first for colour and overall 4th best Ragdoll for our region.
I am so proud of this wonderful boy.
Special thanks and well done to Marta his breeder.




Today confirmation came through of Majic's Tica title.
  I am very proud of this lovely boy who is now a Tica Double Grand Champion
Well done Majic.

31 March 2012 and 1 April 2012:

Had a wonderful weekend with Majic attending a
two-day show held by FIFe (FB) in Swindon.
  Majic loves to be the centre of attention and was in his element at the show. 
On both days he gained his CAC so only one more
to go to be made up to FIFe champion. 
It was a lovely weekend for me catching up with old friends and having the pleasure
of hearing the judges say such complimentary things about Majic.

Majic chilling in his hammock at the show.

Saturday 04/02/2012.

Attended the WesTICAt show in Taunton. 
I took Majic my lilac mitted Ragdoll young man. 
Majic did extremely well at the show winning enough points
to achieve the title of Champion. 
This was Majic's first show and as ever he was relaxed and enjoyed
his day taking it all in his stride. 
Majic was entered into the Male Congress. 
His judge for this was Mrs Monika Dany from Austria who gave him first. 
Mrs Dany also called him back to be finaled and gave him another
first putting the icing on the cake for us.
  A wonderful end to a very exciting day.

 I must thank Suzanne and Phil for giving me
guidance during the show and explaining it to me.
  I am a novice when it comes to showing with Tica
but already planning for my next show.

Below is a picture of Majic doing what he does best,
taking everything as it comes and being totally relaxed.

Majic relaxing after a hard day in the show rings.

  Majic with his judge Mrs Monika Dany. 
Thanks to Chris and Carolyn for the lovely picture.

Visited a Tica show yesterday (9/4/2010) in Bristol.

Had a wonderful day catching up with old friends
and watching the showing. 
It made a nice change to be a spectator rather than an exhibitor. 
It was a lovely friendly show with a wonderful atmosphere.

Finearte Mystic Merlyn attended the
West Country Cat Club show on 15/01/2011.

  Merlyn gained his second PC and Best of Breed.
  He also got 2 firsts in his side classes (2 classes entered). 

Merlyn enjoying his red card day at the show.

Critique by his judge Mr John Hansson:

AC Bi-Colour  Ragdoll Neuter;
1st  PC & BOB. FITTEN’S  FINEARTE MYSTIC MERLYN.  66 31a.  11-07-08. 
Blue, very pleasing lad who was beautifully prepared. 
Head possessing width across the cheeks, well developed muzzle,
brow has good flat plane, gentle dip to the retrousse effect to his nose,
chin okay, bite untidy, odd missing tooth.
  Ears well placed medium size, wide base, well furnished interiors,
hint of forward tilt.
  His eyes are large, well open, gentle oblique setting,
excellent depth of blue to their colour.
Body was firm & well proportioned, with strong legs, tufted paws,
well furnished brush tail of balanced length. 
Coat was beautifully prepared, with a very good length overall,
including excellent degree of ruff to frame his face,
full knickerbockers, good density & lovely soft texture. 
Well balanced inverted white blaze, extending through the chin, chest, front legs,
tummy & back legs, with white also over his shoulders & patch on his back,
all pristine sharp white, blue shaded body, lovely contrast overall
to the blue on the remainder of his mask, ears & tail. 
He was in super condition & was beautifully relaxed & composed. 

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