Toby has gone from strength to strength.  His personality has developed and he is quite a character.  He is wonderful company and his talking is excellent.  He is now able to say many words and has an understanding of what words mean.  When I ask him if he is tired he says "night, night Toby."  He has such a sweet nature and has now started saying "where's the pussy cat?"  Not really surprising as he lives in a house full of cats.



Toby has started to talk.  He is saying "whose a baby" and can say his name although this comes out as Tobeeee which is very funny.  He is quite a character, full of fun and mischief.  He has a play stand which I put treats of food in for him and he loves to flick the food out all the time watching me and waiting for me to say AH, AH which he always responds to by shouting at me and getting very excited and of course flicking even more food around.  He is a constant source of pleasure and has given me many funny moments.


Toby has been with me now for 3 weeks and I can't imagine life without him.  He is such a character, such a comedian and full of fun but can still be such a baby as well.  He loves to cuddle in my arms and is so cute when he does this.  He loves to show off as you will see in one of the pictures below where he has his wings spread out.  Considering he is such a young bird, he is quite confident and is eager to explore new things that I give him. 

I collected Toby from his breeder on Sunday 16/09/2012.  Below are pictures taken of him 24 hours later.  At this stage he was happy to come out of his cage and to sit on my hand.  He is a lovely little bird and already I can see his character.  He is happy to come out of his cage and play and  knows "step up" when I want him on my hand.  Today (Tuesday 18th) he has been out of his cage and has had a little fly around.  He is very interested in everything I say to him and I am sure it won't be long before he is talking.  He is very much a baby and loves to be cuddled  --- amazing.

This page is devoted to Toby my Citron Crested Cockatoo seen here with his brother.  Toby is being hand reared at the moment by his breeder and is due to come to mevery soon.  Toby's breeder DNA tests all his birds, this proves Toby is a male. Citron cockatoos in the wild are endangered.  He will come to me with his CITES certificationwhich all citron cockatoos must have to prove they have not been taken from the wild.I will keep this page update on Toby's progress and hope you enjoy reading about him.

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